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This is the concept for TOITBEL to create Swiss products with purity, harmony and balance under one umbrella. Valuable sources in their purest form with first class water build the base for all TOITBEL formulas.

TOITBEL gives you the chance to take a deep breath of Switzerland for your body and soul.
Under one umbrella
  • All products are presented under one Swiss umbrella brand, which offers you an ideal care from head to toe.
  • TOITBEL provides Swiss formulas proven for their skin care benefits
  • TOITBEL stands for its trendy formulas and will always be offering you the latest developments in skincare.
  • We make affordable Basic care from head to toe
  • All products are self explanatory
  • All products are suitable for normal to dry skin
  • We offer daily skin protection against environmental aggressions (free radicals)
  • TOITBEL products provide and maintain an ideal moisture level and elasticity
  • Cell regeneration is improved!