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Medena AG of Switzerland is a leading provider of high-­value cosmetics offering premium quality – Made in Switzerland. We formulate them by using two essential ingredients valuable for our customers and us.

First, we build on our awareness of traditional standards as they are reliable accomplishment and responsible business partnership. Second, we consistently strive for innovations that make products really better and increase the wellbeing of users by giving them healthy and beautiful skin for enhanced enjoyment of life.

As a result, we provide convincing brands and product lines that make our ­demanding customers successful in their markets.
Our Commitments
Our international customers, mainly active in Eastern Europe and Asia, appreciate:
  • our Swiss trustworthiness
  • our know-how as developers
  • our competence as marketing specialists
  • our fastness and flexibility as suppliers in highly competitive markets 
  • and our creativity as a driving force for exceptional novelties that get established
  • as successful classics through their quality
Our Philosophy
Our Swiss heritage is closely linked with the distinct respect of both men and nature. That is traditionally accompanied by associations such as clean air, clear, pure water and the protection of space where people find a future platform for durable, individual development and blossoming – within or without the world of our brands.

As a result, we are clearly committed to sustainable production processes, to dermatologically tested, safe products, to valuable, renewable ingredients and to fair partnerships with our suppliers.